Thursday, September 18, 2014


Schools should give hand on experience to the students.

Each school should have a garden. Biology classes should teach real life gardening skills

Art Departments should design a parks in the backyard of every school and the students should participate in the design and maintenance of these parks.

Technology departments should give hands on experience to students in installing pumps electrical wires for fountains in the backyard of schools.

Each school should have a YouTube channel with the best initiatives / projects of students.
Best Lectures of the teachers should be posted on line to be viewed by everyone. The school with best votes would win an award at the end of each year.

Permaculture principles ( food Forest principles) Should be toughs in school,  So at the end of the high school each student can have useful knowledge about plants and sow to cultivate food on small and large areas.

Financial education should be important in giving students a tool for the future.


Science Departments could build mini Science Centers

The physics projects should build a science room with functional objects.

 The prototype of Leonardo Da Vinci inventions or Tesla inventions should be in these science room open for the public and promoted with the YouTube channel of every school in the district school board.

Computer Departments should build forums for discussions between schools, an inventors forum where students will be encouraged to promote new ideas of inventions.
At the end of the school year each student should be able to build a website, a blog a forum and will have basic understanding of codding, and databases.

English departments is encouraged to build a book club where students would read a book a week and have the books resumed in a common forum. Students that read most of books in a year will receive a reward at the end of the year. General public will benefit by finding the best books available.Students will have the desire and tools to build a personal library at the end of the high school. Weekly discussions will be posted on the school channel available for everyone.

Each school should have a newspapers with students contribution, released monthly with information from school, research papers, projects.

Monthly outdoor concerts of the music school band would be in the school backyard and public participation would be encouraged. each trimester has 4 moths so each month one grade 9, 10, 11, 12 would have school backyard concert scheduled.

School backyards should be a place where students would want to gather. School Backyard should be like a public parks with art students designing the park and biology department maintaining the perennial and annual gardens. This way the learning would last a life time.

Musical fountains will be in school backyard build and installed by students. Competition between schools with the best maintained schools and school yards will be rewarded at the end of the year and posted on the school channel.

Math Competitions will have 4 stages every trimester for students in each grade in the district school board.

A Mathematics Magazine will be published at the board level distributed to students that are encouraged to solve the math problems and submit the solutions. students will be recognized in the pages of the magazine for correct solution to the problems. Articles and math papers would be published in the magazine.

Similar Chemistry Physics magazines would be produced and published by the board with volunteer contribution of teachers and students.

Inventiaca clubs would attract students to create and focus on science technology. readings and understanding of great inventors of all ages would be promoted to these clubs. The results of the work would be published in the school YouTube channel.

A record of formers students of each school that achieved great results in science art business would be kept and they would be invited to have speeches in front of the students to promote their area of expertise and inspire the new generations. These speeches would be also registered in the YouTube channel of each school.

A voting pool would be placed on the school video YouTube channel and the best channel would be rewarded by the board at the end of each year.

Local and national Cable companies are invited to each school end of the year schools and again these shows would be posted on the national and local TV stations in addition to the school channel.

School libraries should be open for public donations of books. Also open to the public is encouraged to donate books to school libraries that would be integrated with public libraries. School libraries are going to be able to receive book donations from parents and companies or public libraries.

Again we are encouraging landscape design by the art departments of school and in collaboration with science departments to build nice landscape in the backyard of schools where music department would have outside concerts.

Mini Science Centres would be build with projects of science departments, and inventica clubs that would promote students to invent new things and to go trough the process of brevet their inventions.

Rooftop gardens would be tested an implemented,  Fruit trees would be planted on school properties.

Unconventional energy sources solar panels wind turbine should appear on each school property to teach students about energy. Inventions on unconventional energy sources would be promoted and a energy competition would take place every year at the board level with students from all schools.

Art Students should have their paintings sculptures exposed on the school property and those that want to have the art sold on line on the school website. Schools should luck like art galleries with the students and teachers authors promoted on the newspapers and on line.

Since the teenagers have a lot of imagination an architecture club with interesting buildings design should be promoted. At the end of each year best designs would be rewarded and published on line and on school newspaper.

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