Friday, September 26, 2014

Technical Clubs

  • At the end of the high school every student should be able to build and understand the functionality of a motor.
  • Build and understand the functionality of a radio.
  • Some should be able to build a TV.
  • An  approximates equal number of girls and boys should be encouraged to participate in technical clubs.
  • Mathematics clubs should prepare students for national and international competitions.
  • Techniques of fast calculating should be thought.
  • At least one student fro York District School board should be in the International Mathematics Competition.
  • Teachers should be encouraged to create materials for alternative math physics chemistry and science manuals. York District School Board should be able to produce this manuals available as an alternative to the existing manuals.
  • Mathematics Physics and Chemistry magazines can be produced printed at the York District level, sold / distributed to students with problems, projects articles on monthly basis.

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