Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Every cell in the human organism (some trillions of them) does act as some kind of information- dealing receptor.
The physical five senses, which can more accurately be redefined as receptors of information confined exclusively to the limits of the receptors.

In 1962, in France, a short paper by V. Mironovitch was published in revue metapsychique.
The paper reported on a number of discoveries and was entitled “The cells of the organism that act as receptors and emitters of electromagnetic waves,” and reported on a number of discoveries.

Among these was the discovery that cells have activities that are akin to semi-conductors that “capture” electromagnetic waves and transform their energies into “a nervous flux” that then affects the physiological state of the organism.

The cells not only received but also emitted and transmitted electromagnetic “signals” or impulses.
Mironovitch (and other French researchers) held that via its cellular “information” receptors “our organism is very intimately linked into all areas of ambient activity,” including meteorological effects of the terrestrial atmosphere (such as pressure, temperature, humidity, and electrical charges), but also is directly exposed to and connected with cosmic radiations. 

Based on this, and other discoveries, Mironovitch then suggested that the transmission of thought should indeed be possible because of, and via, biophysical receptors and emitters.
Recent scientific research has discovered that there are many more than five senses, and these discoveries have radically changed our understanding of what the senses are and how they work.

"Secrets of Power" Vol 1 and 2  by  Ingo Swann 

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