Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Clubs

Each school can have a book club that would encourage students to read and have the resume of the books they have read in a forum or common Blog

Each student of the school would be registered in these book clubs. The more variety in the books they read the better.

Each school can have a forum with the number of distinct books read by the students and thle school board would have a competition between schools. Students would have a short resume of each book they have read.

Different records can be kept

What is the name of the students that  read more books.
What school has more students that participate in these clubs
How many different books have been read in each school.
Who are the most talented students in writing.
What are the books that are favored by the highest number of students
A reward system with diploma and public recognition for the readers of the highest number of books.

Schools can increase the books library by requesting donations from students and community.
Students can collect books used books and build school library.

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