Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Every cell in the human organism (some trillions of them) does act as some kind of information- dealing receptor.
The physical five senses, which can more accurately be redefined as receptors of information confined exclusively to the limits of the receptors.

In 1962, in France, a short paper by V. Mironovitch was published in revue metapsychique.
The paper reported on a number of discoveries and was entitled “The cells of the organism that act as receptors and emitters of electromagnetic waves,” and reported on a number of discoveries.

Among these was the discovery that cells have activities that are akin to semi-conductors that “capture” electromagnetic waves and transform their energies into “a nervous flux” that then affects the physiological state of the organism.

The cells not only received but also emitted and transmitted electromagnetic “signals” or impulses.
Mironovitch (and other French researchers) held that via its cellular “information” receptors “our organism is very intimately linked into all areas of ambient activity,” including meteorological effects of the terrestrial atmosphere (such as pressure, temperature, humidity, and electrical charges), but also is directly exposed to and connected with cosmic radiations. 

Based on this, and other discoveries, Mironovitch then suggested that the transmission of thought should indeed be possible because of, and via, biophysical receptors and emitters.
Recent scientific research has discovered that there are many more than five senses, and these discoveries have radically changed our understanding of what the senses are and how they work.

"Secrets of Power" Vol 1 and 2  by  Ingo Swann 

Sunday, January 14, 2018


INTUITION is “the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without rational thought or reference.” 

The ENCYCLOPEDIA OF OCCULTISM AND PARAPSYCHOLOGY indicates that INTUITION is “that sense of faculty in the human mind by which man knows (or may know) facts of which he would otherwise not be cognizant — acts which might not be apparent to him through process of reason or so-called scientific proof.”

“The power or faculty” is basically composed of interactions of multiple kinds of sensing systems which conventional power authorities of course assert do not and cannot exist.

Intuition, and its associated sensing systems, cannot be based only on the five physical senses. 

For example, the sensing of love, hate, and sexual availability are not functions of the five physical senses, and neither is the sensing of stealth activity, secrecy, duplicity, truth, falsehood, and even the sensing of power.

Most people realize that they possess sensing systems that have been dumbed down within the contexts of conventional cultural, scientific, and philosophical terms, but they seldom realize why or how. 

 However, if the prospective of multiple sensing systems is readmitted into consideration, all individual humans can be thought of as composites of self-propulsion walking, talking, thinking, and sensing systems.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ingo Swann on History of Civilization on Earth

“Information about other Earth epochs has reached me, sporadically and in fragments of accounts. One woman, a stranger to me, mailed me a huge book that accounted for an entire civilization far more advanced than ours today. 

This was neither Mu nor Atlantis but like Lemuria and Atlantis, technologies were far more advanced than ours are today. In all of the accounts that I know about, beings could not be termed, Homo sapiens. In Lemuria, the entities were a mixed form and formless souls manifesting in evolving material expression but far more advanced than we are today.”

Human level intelligence is now and continues to be assisted by far greater intelligence. For example, the Sumerian texts pre-exist the Bible writings by thousands of years. Yet, in these texts, we find data that was rediscovered thousands of years later, data such as the planets in our solar system. All ancient cultures on Earth uniformly held that humans were created by ‘gods’. 

The Bible specifically refers to the Hebrew, ‘Elohim’ (gods) as those who created us in their image. In years to come the term, Annunaki will become well known. 

The Annunaki was an ancient space race that visited the Earth several times and bioengineered humans from a more rudimentary animal form.

“It is my belief that the Anunnaki created the artificial structures already seen on Mars (yet not popularly known today, as they will be in the future) in the distant past.”

The industrial age ended a few decades ago. It did not simply end like a book chapter but slowly faded as it was replaced by the digital age, the age of communications, as humans began to hard wire connectivity and are jumping beyond hard wiring to wireless. 

The early years will be chaotic as the human mind begins to adapt to an entirely new way of being. All of science will change. Some of the first changes to appear will be in medicine. 

Computers, today mostly mainframe, will begin to diminish in size. (1984 statement). When we study what we term Quantum Mechanics, we realize that the firm, solid reality we once trusted and could count on, not only does not actually exist but what is there is a total fabrication.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


INTELLIGENCE was taken from Latin. It appeared at about 1390, and was given the short and simple definition of “the faculty of understanding.” 

The essential definition of FACULTY was “the power of doing anything.” About 1490/ a hundred years later, a second slightly expanded definition had been established. 

INTELLIGENCE referred not only to the faculty of understanding but to “Understanding as a quality admitting of degree, specifically with reference to superior understanding, quickness of mental apprehension, and sagacity. “

The one that has had the most “reality” during modernist times: “INTELLIGENCE, in psychology, is the general mental ability involved in calculating, reasoning, perceiving relationships and analogies, learning quickly, storing and retrieving information, using language fluently, classifying, generalizing, and adjusting to new situations.” 

At first take, this modern definition seems to cover just about everything necessary to describe intelligence and say that it exists as such. But it does not. The word “understanding” is not even mentioned in it.


The Oxford dictionary of the English language reveals that the essential definition of power as “to cause to act” was first utilized about 1305.

The essential definition as “a particularly strong faculty of body or mind, of vigor, vitality, and energy” appeared about 1440.

The two somewhat authoritarian concepts of power as “personal or social ascendancy,” and “controlling political or economic ascendancy or influence” did not emerge until about 1535.

Thus far, then, the complex topic of power breaks neatly into two parts — the power of societal artifices, and the powers of the individual.

Our species existed here long before the societal power artifices that are controlled by the relatively few.

A societal authoritarian power. As already established these are usually given as “control, authority, and influence over others,” but the nature of the “others” is never identified.