Sunday, January 14, 2018


INTUITION is “the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without rational thought or reference.” 

The ENCYCLOPEDIA OF OCCULTISM AND PARAPSYCHOLOGY indicates that INTUITION is “that sense of faculty in the human mind by which man knows (or may know) facts of which he would otherwise not be cognizant — acts which might not be apparent to him through process of reason or so-called scientific proof.”

“The power or faculty” is basically composed of interactions of multiple kinds of sensing systems which conventional power authorities of course assert do not and cannot exist.

Intuition, and its associated sensing systems, cannot be based only on the five physical senses. 

For example, the sensing of love, hate, and sexual availability are not functions of the five physical senses, and neither is the sensing of stealth activity, secrecy, duplicity, truth, falsehood, and even the sensing of power.

Most people realize that they possess sensing systems that have been dumbed down within the contexts of conventional cultural, scientific, and philosophical terms, but they seldom realize why or how. 

 However, if the prospective of multiple sensing systems is readmitted into consideration, all individual humans can be thought of as composites of self-propulsion walking, talking, thinking, and sensing systems.

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