Thursday, October 23, 2014


Air conditioning in summer and functional high efficiency heating systems in the winter in all schools
Driveways, parking lots well maintained on the schools properties. Parking lots using sollar panels to produce electrical energy and also to be an example for the community

Clean classrooms and hallways, and backyards

Backyards with fruit trees planted by the students that produce fruits free for all students to eat.

Nice flower beds in the school backyards. One day per trimester an action where students are encouraged to bring seeds and perennials to school and plant them.

Art department can create a nice layout for these flowers paths.

I would like to see school entrances with fragrant roses maintained and planted by students.

A vegetable garden in each school would teach students how to grow vegetables.
A little fish pond would add to the beauty of the school backyard. easy to maintain.

Benches in the backyard of schools so these places can act and be like public parks

 where people are attracted to come and see; where students in each grade will have outside concerts on monthly basis (music class)

Vegetable garden in schools would allow  learning and to grow vegetables.

Some innovative solutions for small spaces such as vertical gardens can be also thought in school.

A competition between schools within the board for the best maintained school and best looking backyard during the year with the result made public on Roger Television and YouTube channel of each school.

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